Moving at a fall pace

My ride from Rockwood to Confluence today was, in my opinion, at the zenith of the fall color.  

Along the way, with the hypnotic rhythm of the pedals lulling my mind into a contemplative mode. I realized that fall moves along the Passage as we do, only at a much more leisurely pace.  

A few days ago the color was best at the summit of Big Savage Mountain,  yesterday  it had moved to Garrett, or the water gap through Negro Mountain.  Now here it was, north of Rockwood, headed for Confluence.  In a few days it will reach Ohiopyle then on to Connellsville. 

It's hard to pin down just what is the peak and where it will be.  Is it the glowing birch yellow so prevalent on the Pinkerton Horn?  Is it the flaming sugar maple orange and scarlet along the meandering path coming to Fort Hill?  Or is it the bronze of beeches at the Harnedsville flats?

I guess fall peak is what you want it to be.  All of the above, or maybe none of the above. Maybe and a whole different part of the season that has nothing to do with leaves.  

No matter, autumn moves along the Passage from the high point around Deal to the north and west where it exits the Chestnut Ridge water gap at Connellsville. 

Certainly, this fall has been one of the best, with the perfect combination of great color, bright days, and all coming together on a weekend for all to enjoy.  

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