First Frost...First Snow

The hallmark of fall and winter came to Confluence within a week and a half of each other this year.

The night of October 18th, with a deep clear sky radiation cooling plunged the temperature into the 20's touching the dew point.  Water in the air was literally squeezed out and alighted on roofs, leaves and grass as the first hard frost of the season.  The morning of the 19th was edged in crystaline white and the tender crops drooping.  More freezing nights followed and the end of the growing season was offical.  

Ten days later, a cold front roared out of Canada.  It collided with a low pumping water off the Atlantic and again the water was squeezed out of the air.  This time it was snow.  

Confluence has an inch or two, the mountains more. The Passage around Meyersdale was snow covered by ridable.  A hint of winter was with us.  

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