Another bridge in Somerset County being considered.

The 42 miles of the Great Allegheny Passage in Somerset County has more bridges than any other segment of the trail.  There are 4 major bridges over the Casselman River including one at Confluence and Harnedsville and two at the Pinkerton Horn.  Of course near Meyersdale are the Salisbury and Keystone viaducts, and finally the Bollman Bridge, also near Meyersdale.  

The Western Maryland Railway also crossed several roads on bridges.  One at Markleton and the other at Rockwood.  When the Rwy was abandoned the wooden bridges, which constricted traffic, were torn down.  Now the trail crosses road at grade.  

The crossing at Markleton is across a rural road with little traffic.  However the Rockwood crossing is on a busy local road.  Add the traffic from visitors to the Passage and there is a dangerous mix.  

Somerset County, responsible for the Passage in the county, is applying for the $1.25 million grant through PennDOT to build a bridge over Rockdale Road.  The span would carry bicycle traffic over Rockdale Road. 

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