The Lilies of the Spring

Many of the spring wildflowers are botanically, lilies.  

Trillium's, wild leeks, trout lily (pictured here), Solomon's seal, false Solomon's seal, bellworts, and star-of-Bethlehem are all in the Lily Family (Liliaceae).  Carry that a bit farther, and many of the spring garden flowers are technically lilies.  These include daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, scilla, and narcissus.  

The family resemblance is easy to spot.  

Long linear leaves with parallel veins in the leaves.  Picture the leaves of daffodils.  The roots are usually a bulb, a modified organ for food storage.  Finally, the flower parts are in threes.  Three sepals, petals, 6 stamens, and an ovary divided into three parts.  

Knowing some of these basic "family" characteristics is the first step in speeding your identification of wildflowers in the field.  

Many of these are blooming along the Passage and now is the time to go meet a new family. 

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