Spring rains

Rain often keeps us away from the Great Allegheny Passage.  

It shouldn't.
Rainy days glow with a soft light at fills the landscape with even gray light without deep shadows.  A ride on the trail can be a quiet adventure and a new view of familiar surroundings.  

Another plus is rain fills the streams and the waterfalls that are so plentiful in the Allegheny Mountains are brimming.  From the smallest rivulet cascading over a sandstone ledge beside the trail to the tumultuous pouring of Ohiopyle Falls, the highest volume waterfall in the region, rain provides a special opportunity to enjoy the thunder of the streams.  

In Ohiopyle State Park Cucumber Falls is the highest falls.  The run by the same name pitches off an undercut ledge of Pottsville Sandstone and drops into an amphitheater like setting below. The foam white water surges around ragged boulders broken from the ledge over centuries and runs to its meeting with the Youghiogheny just a few dozen yards away.  

Most of the time Cucumber Falls is a trickle.  When it rains, especially during spring rains when water isn't captured by the dense canopy of leaves, the trickle turns to a torrent.  Today was just such a day.  

I decided to visit Cucumber Falls although I have been there many times before.  I expected to get a couple photographs and be on my way.  My reason for planning a quick visit was because I've been there so many times before and having plenty of photographs.  

My plans changed.  

Every day is different in the Allegheny Mountains and this day was no different.  The angles I used before proved to be boring so I began to move.  Reposition here, move there, change angles, balance white water against spring green leaves, keep moving, keep changing.  

The planned short visit turned into a 3 hour session.  

Finally I had what I wanted.  Not particularly a single image, but an afternoon letting the thunder of the water and the soft green of the new leaves show me part of Cucumber Falls never seen before. 

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