Maynard Sembower 1908 - 2009

Maynard Sembower of Rockwood, PA passed away this morning, September 16th.

A life long resident of Somerset County he saw both the coming of the Western Maryland Railroad in 1912, and the last train in 1975.

He also saw the first cyclists taking to the newly created Allegheny Highlands Trail, later the Great Allegheny Passage. At the dedication of the last miles of the Passage to be completed in Somerset County Maynard was honored for his years of ambassadorship at Rockwood. The building in which Maynard spent many days greeting, talking with, and helping trail visitors, was officially named the Sembower Visitors Center.

More recently he was honored by having his likeness made a part of the Trail Town Art in Rockwood. A mural depicting various trail aspects includes Maynard as a railroad conductor.

The photograph above was taken August 26th when Maynard was filmed with Linda Boxx and Amy Camp for the Public Television program which will air in October.

We will miss Maynard very much.

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